DSCN9960Sometimes I bemoan the fact that I don’t have a real job. I don’t get out of the house, away from the mess and dust and endless tasks staring me in the face to find fulfillment at an established place of business. Not too soon after realizing I’m wearing what I want to wear and grateful I got to choose weather or not I took a shower that morning, I’m like, “Naaahhhh.” Certainly either way you pick, there are drawbacks. Either way you pick, there are benefits.

Have you seen the mug and t-shirt pictures floating around Facebook? An open book above the wording, “A DAY WITHOUT READING IS LIKE… JUST KIDDING. I HAVE NO IDEA.” Guilty.

It’s not a technical term (yet), but I have OADD: Occupational Attention Deficit Disorder. That’s right. I love free-flowing so much, when I get the chance to try something new, I enjoy dabbling but rarely sticking with it. Bouncing back and forth doesn’t mean I shy from endurance or stick-to-it-ness; it just means I desire variety. I do plan on sticking with blogging because it’s literary. In my world, I find reading & writing is much like movement: It’s in my blood. They are pursuits my personality seeks out, and I can’t get away from them. The only way to find relief is to indulge. Writing this blog is an outcropping of a year-long writing project I recently finished, so I figure if I stuck with it 52 weeks and then some, I’m in good shape.

Pictured above you see a book pile I’ve worked on since February. One-and-a-half got canned, one was insightful, one was humorous, one was nostalgic, one was enjoyable, and one was full of take-away quotes. I’m in the process of digesting one in daily bites and ready to begin another tomorrow. Shakespeare research will probably happen in April / May.

Read, Write, Play, Repeat.
Not always in that order.


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