Happy Accidents

If you are at all interested in painting and subscribe to live streaming Netflix, check out “Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere.” You know – the guy from the early 90’s show with an amazing afro? In fact, if you aren’t sure who I’m talking about, Google ‘afro painter’ right now. You may recognize Bob Ross from his pictures accompanying art supplies in the painting section of a hobby store.

What’s that you say? You found his picture and are giggling to yourself? Hey! Don’t knock it unless you’ve watched it! His skills are astounding; it’s well worth the short watch. Seriously. Try just try an episode and see if you aren’t impressed, too. You don’t even need paint supplies to watch! No need to nab brushes, acrylics, and canvases. I’m part of the estimated 90% of the population who doesn’t paint while viewing the tips according to this link , so you can feel free to be, as well.

Some of my favorite phrases of his are:
~ “Let’s go crazy; what the heck.”
~ “Beat the devil out of it” (the brush).
~ “Here’s where you have to make a big decision” about how big a tree or mountain you put in.

While having some personal time this weekend, one quote I heard heard him say in Season 1, Episode 8 was, “We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents.”

Can we pause a moment and apply this to regular life? Personal digression: Why do I not share this contented spirit? Am I that passionate and intentional and hard on myself (and others), that it causes that much of a great difficulty in mellowing out? I regularly practice the art of relaxation, but when it comes to matters of performance, I readily admit: I could benefit from taking a chill pill. Perhaps that’s my forte and my quandary, both sides stamped into the same coin. I sure appreciate seeing people who emulate a frantic pace sans an exacting standard (such as myself), but … I’m motivated! I do want to aim high and encourage others to do the same. So, for now I’ll stick with my own personality while giving a respectful nod to sayings which help me create a little more balance.

What about you? Do you have any quotes which help you become balanced or gain grounding?

This is where my point is complete, so I will close by using another favorite of mine from Bob Ross- his traditional closer: “God Bless” plus a mini hand wave.


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