In-Home Date

Quandary: If I want to have date time with my hubby but I don’t want to pay for a sitter (or expenses for us to go out on the town, either), what am I to do?

Note: In this scenario, the kids haven’t booked their weekend nights yet, needing us to give them late-night rides back home.

We own our vehicles but are currently financing to pay off a large repair. We have one child in braces and the another in the wings. We are saving monthly for annual expenses such as vehicle plate renewals, vehicle city stickers, continuing ed. courses, our Amazon Prime mem’p, even Christmas photo cards, to name a few. We are working our way up to chunks towards vacations, a new vehicle, and retirement. For now –on one income– we are at our maximum spending limit. Meals out don’t happen more than once or twice a month if it can be helped. We are that vigilant. So what are we supposed to do? Go without shared time just the two of us, denying the needed reminders of why we like each other? Enter our creative solution.

This past Friday night was a perfect example. I found a DVD while already making a stop at the library, rented it for free, and bought specialty foods during the most recent bi-monthly grocery shopping trip. French bread: $1.50 / Real ball of mozzarella cheese: $1.50 / Basil plant: $2.50. Bonus: I can use the basil on an ongoing basis for additional recipes. We sliced up the bread, cut circles of cheese, and laid a basil leaf on top. We used balsamic vinaigrette already on hand in our dressing stash, only used half the ingredients, and voila! In-Home Date accomplished! I like you, you like me … the kids see parents who make an effort to spend time together because they enjoy being together… it works out.

On a separate but related note, the movie was “Draft Day” with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner (PG-13; 2014). I liked the movie. I like sports movies, I dig complex adult situations worked out in skillful style, and I dig the main actors; they’re quality in my book of Hollywood options. The movie had an f-bomb (click here for supposed guidelines on f-word usage) and other swearing, but was otherwise clean and exhibited great traits of perseverance and mature character in the face of high stress situations. Read this link for a review, as well as why this flick downgraded from its original R rating due to language. I was moving from one state to another in 2014, which is probably why “Draft Day” never hit my radar. Life moved on and I never knew this existed until it was placed on a prominent shelf, probably randomly picked by a librarian to showcase forgotten options.

I loved “McFarland, USA” (EXCELLENT! WATCH IT!) and fondly listen to its soundtrack. … Often. This weekend we might just have another date night for “Black or White” ~ another one of Kevin’s from 2014 I missed; it’s free on Netflix right now. What about the rest of the quasi-Italian appetizer ingredients? They’re gone. It looked good to the kids, and they wanted some, too. We made it Sunday afternoon as a treat for the whole family this time. 😉


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