Liquid, not Crystals

Well, the good news is I’m up for trying new things. Prompted by my inability to excel in the kitchen –or caring much about the outcome– I’m game for a wide range of recipes. There are some I know are improbable and tossed upon first glance. But in an effort to somehow strike gold, diamonds, or even amber, I keep hammering away in search of treasure. Maybe, somehow, my undying determination will meet a winner of a concoction. Then, to everyone’s amazement, I’ll have turned out a desirable product. (Can you sense the inner stirring akin to athletic pursuit? Victory will —maybe— someday BE MINE!!!  <Cheers erupt from the crowd.> ) How will I know when the flavor explosion occurs? When eaters ask for more.

I’m not after fame or purpose in the galley. What happens in the kitchen is easily forgotten in my book of meaning. Perhaps that’s why I care so little, enabling a flippant, “Sure! What the hay” blasé feeling. Food is more my fuel than my fancy; an essential over a hobby. But with that said, I might as well change it up a little.

I was trying to have a little fun. Hey recipe writers: Could you be a little more specific? Some inept yet ambitious person may be attempting your concoction. In fact, I may even attempt domesticity with your set of simple instructions.

Mocha Bark: 6 oz. milk chocolate, 1 Tbs. instant coffee. Plain and simple! I even bought instant coffee for this special snack. But do me one favor~ Just designate whether it’s instant coffe which has been made into liquid or still needs to be in crystal form, would you?

When the crystals didn’t melt, my giggles started coming. I’ve become well-trained in the art of laughing at myself. A sense of humor helps me through parenting, other people’s illogical thought processes, and Zumba this morning. Letting out a bit of happiness steam in the face of yet another “learning experience” keeps the mood light. Actually, it’s my defense, allowing further opportunities to try again. Nope, I’m not a glutton for punishment. I’m just able to move on. Plus: I can’t very well give up food consumption and food preparation at this Mothering Stage of the game.

Oh well.  <sigh>

I did have a victory last weekend– this Turkey Meatloaf recipe I can keep handy in my files. That one the family did ask for seconds and thirds on. One in twenty (thousand) or so isn’t so bad; it keeps hope alive. In the meantime, thank God for Costco, which has healthy, low-cost meals mostly ready. I don’t buy too much food this way, but when I utilize the time saver, it gets me that much closer to serving food quicker … without much opportunity to screw it up.


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