Just Me, My Hot Apple Cider, and a TED Talk

1) Just Me: Lunch prep overflowed into lunch hour. I was left at the kitchen table, savoring a few quiet moments before jumping back into work.

2) My Hot Apple Cider: Frozen from fall and thawed for spring pleasure.

3) A TED Talk: Propped on the table while sipping my cider (with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon spices), the Kindle Fire took me on a fantastic tour of the Sistine Chapel.

Normally, ironing is my designated TED Talk time. This particular week everyone needed me for questions and a conversation; I couldn’t receive my regular expand-my-mind session. So, in an effort to satisfy that craving to acquire knowledge, I snuck in a recommendation from my daughter.

Activities just for me need not be off home property, contain an extra cost, nor necessitate a group of girlfriends. ¬†Sometimes bite-size fillers are the keys to getting me through weekday doors. The more I can move forward instead of feeling trapped like a puppy missing out on everyone else’s fun, the less I turn into a caged beast. So if seventeen minutes and a tasty beverage bring a bit of happiness, count me in.


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