Lost and Found in the Stacks- Part 2

20170402_084738What a great fundraiser idea! Though solo for the event, I preferred the flexibility of skipping holes~ just me, my putter, and my golf ball. Oh: And a sweet dessert buffet! After the first set of holes I indulged in decadent delights. Upon finishing the final set and making a go of a separate, wacky, inventive hole designed by a local high school shop class student, that attention-seeking dessert table called me back for seconds.

Marian the Librarian was not out during the 21 & Up green time. Couples, groups, and friends from the community all increased volume because it was allowed and expected. Wine and champagne, bottles and cans were set on mini tables and <gasp!> shelves … right next to the goods!  What place of business lets you walk around with alcohol, setting your drink next to the items for customers?! My insides were coiled snake-tight, ready with the instinct of pouncing in the case of an accidental spill. Though my built-in radar was up, I reminded myself they were the owners and organizers, the ones who said, “Welcome to My House,” and relaxed rules. (Although songs less rocky than Flo Rida were hopping through the building, bouncing from book to book.)

Themed holes — such as books made into movies, sci-fi, sports, Moulin Rouge! –, specially-designed holes, and school-sponsored holes wound through both floors, also occupying meeting spaces. Like a spelunker exploring recesses of a cavern, I weaved my way through stacks which would typically be where you’d find a couple getting ‘cozy.’ (Is Ross’s published book in this area?) As a fringe benefit, I now feel more aware, more enlightened, more … exposed to the shelves’ contents.

Here is where I explain most ‘holes’ were on the floor with zero boundary perimeters. Therefore, what would regularly be a stroke saver on a typical mini golf course was not to my benefit. “Stop, stop, stop!” I wailed internally while wildly wielding the putter-turned-weapon. Just kidding. Redo: …while I calmly took the maximum stroke limit of a disappointing six. But all in all, I was quite proud of my outcome, even asking the Friends of the Library ladies at the end — all nonchalant-like — if there was any hole-in-one tracking. No such luck.


Before I take you back to Coat Check, sit with me for a moment by Frank Lloyd Wright architectural photo books. Taste the expertly-crafted cream puff while “Hey Jude” fills the air and bubbly laughter spills over the stacks. Bite the light, flaky pastry parts bookending a smooth, thick filling. “Na na na na na na na …” brings a musical build-up amid unlimited literary voyages, crescendoing to signal a wonderful finale. My bottled water empties, but not before a selfie toast to pursuits off the beaten path. In this case it was carpet over greens and The Beatles and Billy Joel in the library instead of a bar. Call me crazy if you like. I’m okay collecting non-fiction experiences.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Did you catch any literary devices? See if you can find all of these (in this order): Personification, Metaphor, Simile, and Alliteration.


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