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Double-Fisted Living

~Non-alcoholic Style~

Guilty: You caught me. While away for a bit on vacation I scheduled posts. It’s my way of being present instead of distracted.  I’m not even a ‘pull out my cell to take pictures all the time’ kind of gal. Or we’re doing something which requires use of both hands (obstacle courses, tree climbing, boulder scrambling), is around water, or all of those. When I play, I’m all in. Sure, I’ll document with photos to some extent for posterity, but I don’t rush to a computer pronto, hurriedly uploading memory stick jpegs.

When in the moment, cherish it.
When in the moment, soak it in.
When in the moment, Game On.

I’m pretty private. You know I went on vacation and where (generally), but beyond that, I’ll just tell you one thing more: It was fantastic. Not quite glorious — I would reserve that more for New Zealand or a cabin on stilts in Polynesia or fresh mountain powder days, but it was lovely and fulfilling. It was a working vacation which adds a different level of intensity. I don’t mind unique chances to impact people. It’s satisfying on a deep level.

What am I doing back home?  Being all in again, taking one drink from the “loving life” mug and another from a tall glass of “loving people.”

…And waiting for my next adventure….


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