Making Happy Moments

20170424_183246Since I don’t have a personal Hans and Franz following me around, sometimes I need a unique pick-me-up. At those moments, I rely on myself for some motivation. Some people call it wacky and weird; I call it creative and clever.

Often when I place an Amazon order, I write myself a note. When I order an item for a family member, I give them a funny message. By now they know to expect it! My words aren’t always amazing –sometimes family gives me more of an eye roll than a laugh– but it’s something quirky to look forward to.

Above you see an example of what I typed myself at checkout. I know, I know. It seems a little … self-absorbed? Well, whatever. Like I said, I don’t necessarily have either European bodybuilders pumping me up or Spartan cheerleaders at hand with the Perfect Cheer. Someone has to be in my corner. Someone has to bring me a smile when I need it. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who really knows how to do that. Is it too pessimistic to say my friends are rather busy and don’t have bunches of time to invest in me? When I’m down, sure. I let them know and they’re more in tune with keeping in touch. But in regular ins and outs of daily living, we have lives to live. We have forts to hold down and fires to put out. We have children to wrangle and schedules to finagle. Enter the glad tidings when opening an ordinary shipment.

Okay, time to put this into practice in your world. Try it! Develop an awful poem –or a thoughtful note; that’s fine, too– and send one along inside a typical order. Do it to your spouse. Do it for your child. Turn average into cringing if you must. Why bother being conventional? Bounce off the wall a bit. Hey: at least it lightens the mood. A bizarre boost is a little antidote to the day’s stress. When you give it a go, let me know how it went.


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