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Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


As the 1st of my 5 Photo Challenge posts I’ll try out just for the month of May, this picture represents “Wanderlust.” As best as I can figure, the coordinates for this location are: 45°17’52.9″N 87°03’38.2″W in Door Bluff County Park. Door County is a popular vacation spot for Chicago area and southern Wisconsin residents. I was hiking along and found this surprise!


 The weather wasn’t too chilly on this gray October day. I had wandered to the ‘tip of the thumb’ and navigated on a very narrow shoreline at the base of Deathdoor Bluff. With the stark precipice looming above, I felt very much like a speck on the planet– a barely-noticed thread of carpet fiber in a convention center, easily trampled by elements stronger than myself. Geocaching will bring you to such remote and interesting places sometimes!
For more information on the work of Jens Jensen check out this YouTube playlist and look up “Jens Jensen The Living Green” (54 minutes) included with an Amazon Prime subscription (as of 4.29.17).

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