Family Newsletter

Well, it’s the beginning of the month! Time to for my mental reminder to write my article for the   [name of family]   Family Newsletter. My mom comes from a large family –let’s say over ten siblings– many of which have married and become parents & grandparents. In an effort to keep in  touch with one anther, for decades they have had a newsletter.

My aunt is the compiler, collecting submissions for each month’s ‘publication.’ It used to be harder when snail mail was was the mode relatives used to their articles (sometimes in hand writing). She then reworked them to be smart with, space sometimes by retyping. Then the packets were stapled, folded, and sent on their way. She lovingly used her own money for postage. Nowadays, word processing and email have eased her workload.

Grandma’s update always goes first. Any children or grandchildren are free to write. It’s an interesting way of keeping connected, bridging the cross-country distance gap. From kids in Scouts to the Citadel, from parents as writers to ultra bikers, it’s neat reading what each contributor is up to.

Now off to complete mine before the deadline!


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