Wacky, Healthy Fun


I didn’t want to mention it last week as part of my schedule in case the weather-depended event didn’t come off. You know how wild spring in the upper Midwest can be. But we were able to do it! My daughter and I did a 5k. However, it wasn’t just any 5k. You know my weirdness takes on different values by now. It was a Superhero Glow Run 5k at a Six Flags theme park. No t-shirt, but there was a cape. 🙂 No finisher medal, but they did open some rides for the approximately 4,000 participants. 😀 We had a blast and got some exercise at the same time. Then the next morning I loosened up those tight quads (I don’t do a 5k every month, you know) by attending my weekly Zumba class. By the afternoon I was watching another Kevin Costner flick “Thirteen Days” with my hubby during an In-Home date, listening to an April downpour. …Just in time.

Maybe in the future you’ll see me joining Outrun the Cops! I found it when doing a 5k online search within the state of IL. Wouldn’t that be an interesting race?!



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