Photo Challenge: Danger!


Here I was concerned about taking the photo challenge! There may still be time for me to be daunted by the three weeks remaining in my commitment, but this one is easy. When I saw the Danger! photo example, I immediately thought, “I have some of those!” So, taking the lead from the prompt, here are my two submissions- seen above & below.

Last year I hiked Camelback Mountain in Phoenix a few days before heading into downtown Chicago. On Camelback, I apparently took the precarious route without knowing it. That’s alright; my new Merrell hiking shoes were excellent quality to grip step rocks. Finally, upon returning at the bottom after frequent angry moments regarding the mountain’s challenging nature, I saw this warning sign. “No $#*@!” (or: “No kidding!”) I thought. Not to worry. For milder pursuits, I hear there is a family friendly alternate trail on the opposite side. As much as it truly kicked my heinie, I loved the rugged memory made … in retrospect.

Cholla Trail is “recommended for very experienced adventurers,” so be ready for the elevation increase and dry climate by bringing water and wearing excellent foot gear. It may be difficult to see the bottom row of the “Brief Definition” and “Surface” columns in the featured picture. Here are what categorizes ‘extremely difficult’:

-“Long rocky segments with possible drops and exposure”
-“Dirt and loose rock with continual unevenness”
It was all of that.

Not a full week later, I went to the Art Institute of Chicago for the Van Gogh’s Bedrooms exhibit, showcasing his talented work & styles. Oddly, I wore the same hiking shoes, this time for traction on potentially icy streets. Enter this sign seen on Michigan Ave near the Institute.



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