Calendar Confession

Most people have at least one calendar. Nowadays, most people’s calendars are on their phone. I’ve even heard of families having different calendars for each member of the family, or various lines on the same page dedicated to each member. One friend of mine uses a large maker board to keep track of to-do’s. But I’ve never heard of anyone doing what I do.

My calendar confession is possessing a rough draft calendar.

Our family calendars are more nostalgic in nature, stored as a keepsake after every year’s culmination. My husband and I have been doing this since our first year of marriage. In fact, when I give a bridal shower gift later this month, this will be one idea I give the bride-to-be. In a digital era, it acts as more of a diary, if you will, logging our activities and adventures, tragedies and turmoils. Her I.T. fiance might just moan over the suggestion. Problem solved: Digitize it by scanning the files ….Then compile pdf’s into a printed album. 😉

Each New Year’s Eve we sit as a family and flip through the past 12 months, recalling memories.
– “Aw, man! That was awful!!”
– “That was this year?? It feels like so long ago!”
– “Ugghhh– remember when …? Let’s not talk about it.”
– “I want to do that again! Can we see when they’re doing it this year?!?”

These are common quotes when reliving incidents of trite or tremendous scale. Sometimes even the smallest of occurrences have had the strongest of impacts.

Which is why I want the final draft (i.e. what we see on December 31st and for years to come) to be accurate and clear. I want it to be easy in the eyes, not scratched out and marked up, making it hard to read. I’ve even been known to use white out on mini errors.

The rough draft is for all the wants, all the ideas, all the possibilities. All planned sporting, work, and personal stuff also go on the rough draft papers; all invites, trips, events, and meetings. But nothing goes on the final until it has really truly happened.

Ironically, I’m not too picky over what type of calendar we get. Welllll… I don’t like to copy what was recently chosen as a theme. Then again, none of us in our family do. We’ve also learned though dollar store calendars don’t bother us, one month’s writing often pushes through to the next like a carbon copy. Their quality isn’t high enough on the rafting scale. What we’ve come to do is purchase one in early- to mid-January when prices go on sale. Usually we don’t contend with a shortage of options. They’re just as bright, big, and beautiful as if we’d hunted in December.

And that, is my calendar confession.


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