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Photo Challenge: Reflecting



Funkadelic, right?!

Chicago’s recognizable skyline is wonderfully accentuated in The Bean @ Millennium Park. This particular visit was connected to an evening first spent sampling foods at Taste of Chicago. We were right near Buckingham Fountain.


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Since we were enticed by what lay beyond Grant Park and had eaten our fill of delicious grub,


we walked north past the Art Institute toward Millennium Park. Technically, the glass sculpture on the right is entitled Crown Fountain.


If you haven’t already, you should go see the Chicago Skyline reflecting from a 100-ton stainless steel bean sculpture. It’s not a thrilling amusement park ride, but it’s certainly part of what makes this Midwest crossroads city special.

Getting back to the photo challenge description of “something … that made you look at your surroundings differently,” the beauty of art –especially art forms within an atypical environment such as a city– is the ability to cause you to stop and reflect. This “changed … perspective on the view” drew my focus skyward, appreciating skilled architecture, and soaking in dusk before nightfall crept into the concrete jungle.

You can understand why this unknown title is such an accurate fit.



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