Content with a Tent


I would say ‘Content in a Tent,’ but here’s what I’ve found. I really like conveniences like indoor plumbing (includes a toilet, shower, hot & cold water), a dish washer, and laundry services. Dry heating & cooling are key pleasantry factors, too, in my world.

I say I’m into camping. I’ve done winter camping in Montana, bringing a gun in case bears show up. I’ve done Minnesota’s Boundary Waters for a week amid rain and chill. I’ve even brought young kids as the solo parent on excursions. My hubby isn’t so fond of rugged sleeping conditions and I still wanted our children to have wilderness-type exposure. But I’ve also copped out due to a wet weather forecast. Cold doesn’t bother me as much as the risk of dangerous wildlife and ongoing dampness. Does that make me a camping snob? I hope not. I don’t need high end name brands; durable lodging and adequate layering will do.

My bigger point is that I don’t really feel I need more in life, out of life, nor from life than what a tent can offer. Simple living is fine by me. More space is more to clean, tidy, and maintain. The modern conveniences I mentioned earlier are certainly appreciated. But for the most part, a plot of land with a pretty view will do. Of course, I would have had to get to stores for the helpful gear, tools & clothing, but for the span of a few doable days, I’m game. A quiet, tranquil getaway is exactly what I pine for. Bonus if you throw in a hammock.


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