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Photo Challenge: Heritage


In Wisconsin, just as American as apple pie, are water ski shows aplenty. Whereas some states may have one or a few teams, WI boasts over two dozen. It’s not really a reason for pride as it is a true blue example of the blue lakes & rivers flowing through ‘Sconnie veins. Sure they may hover on the brink of hokey, but past a lame plot or spandex-and-sequined outfits are some stellar performers. Water-loving families often join together, highlighting phenomenal duos. We’ve seen family strap doubles, husband-wife or father-daughter base/gymnast pairs, brothers ski jumping, and sisters barefooting. ‘Regular’ Joes band together, too, pulling sweet wakeboard tricks, slaloming ski 360° around a boat, and barefooting in a row with buddies. The average Jills? Oh they’re or there as well, in ballet lines, on swivel skis, and building pyramids. They rock right along with the dudes.

Every summer our family perpetuates a living tradition (Heritage theme) by seeing at least one water ski show. This is what makes us who we are; it’s an essential bright pattern woven into a seasonal sun dress. Just like it’s not Christmas without watching “Elf”, it’s not summer without having been to a rural showcase of aquatic talent.



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