Hold the Chocolate Chips // Substitute Coconut Flakes

I’m not a chatting groupie, I’d rather smell coffee than drink it, and chocolate basically is unwanted by me …except for rare, sparing bites of the dark, dark kind. How in the world do I still make it as a female, you wonder? Just fine, thank you. My life still pans out alright, even if you’re surprised to hear of someone essentially living free of all three.

Enter a treat I do indulge in. It isn’t often (probably twice or three times a year), but I like to make cookie dough. You’ve already read part of the answer in this blog post title.  I’ll first take a Nestle Tollhouse recipe and omit the chocolate chips. Then I’ll insert a few handfuls of coconut flakes as a tasty alternative. Finally, I don’t even bake it; I divide the batch into two smaller containers.

Here are the kickers.
1) They’re leftover sour cream –or comparable– small plastic containers which have been washed out and kept. Some people find keeping these to be total wastes of space. We actually implement them as our Tupperware fridge & freezer containers. Not stylish, I know. Well, in these particular secretive vessels, my personal and concealed unbaked delight goes unnoticed.
2) I cover up their identity further with some other type of food written on the label! Lying?? YES.
3) The final act of this sneaky mission is to place one way far back on the bottom shelf of the fridge and the other in the jumbled mess recesses of the freezer. Oh yeah~ these babies are going to stay mine.

Special Note: If you’re going to try this at home, eat at smart (not foolish) times when people will not discover your stash.

Savor the flavor … all by yourself or with a trusted pal.


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