Photo Challenge: Evanescent


The most prolific mammals –well-known enough to have their own phrasing– have taken to our yard. Since we moved in a few years ago, holes have been repeatedly dug and used from June through September. Sometimes we know they exist due to tufts of hair strategically placed by the momma. Other times we’ve not ventured to either the front or back lawn in awhile, unaware of a six-inch-wide settlement. The shallow burrow doesn’t go discovered until the next mowing. We’ve seen birthings and nursings, more in awe of and admiring of the processes the Good Lord put in place than upset; no garden here for a nibbling invader! Careful not to disturb too often (we want the mother knowing she can come back), counting Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton Tail + siblings brings more “Awwwwww!”s (That many bunnies fit in there??) than anger over new ankle-roller dips.

Akin to flying the coop, the day the little furries hop away and jump into the wild [streets & yards] sets evanescent thoughts in my heart. Legos and Lallaloopsies on the floor won’t last forever. (Thank God it’s not slobber-proof toys rampantly littering the entire house anymore!) I understand a 31-day gestation period, 2 weeks in the nest, and ~3 years on their own is different than 9 months in-womb, 18 years in-home, and ~75 years on-earth. It’s still an ephemeral reminder of fleeting moments.

It used to be my fantasies of empty nest days would be a dream. Now there’s more of a strategic plan involved. If I’m going to be ready when it comes, I should be prepping for it now, I think. It’s not hypothetical anymore; there’s a rewind button accompanying the fast forward now. It places me in the present with awareness and responsibility. The years of domestic development aren’t waxing but waning. The New Moon will settle in sooner than teething and potty training left.I’m glad “gone are” certain days and “soon there will be” is on the horizon. Bigger people does tend to equal bigger problems, but there is also a shared excitement over maturity in those processes.

So, because of the rabbits who will soon be inhabiting our patch of grass, I’m thankful for the just-outside-my-front-door reminder of moments to make the most of right now. Fast forward to the future, rewind back to now, pause in the present. These help me proceed in methodical, intentional, and appreciative steps.


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