My Own 100 Mile ‘Club’

I’m not much of a runner. People ask me, “Do you run?” and I answer, “I can. I know how, I just choose not to.” You’ll never find a 26.2 oval sticker on my rear vehicle window. I’ll take paddle boarding (more on that in a future post), the three types of skiing (downhill, water, CC), martial arts, and a whole slew of alternate movements. Sign me up for another way to be active. Please, just not repetitive pounding on the pavement. Scenic hiking, even, is much preferred over treadmills & streets.

Lately biking has been a favored interest. I’ve begun tracking my mileage since the turn of 2017. There was one fluke week in Feb. with warm temps when I pedaled a trail. Mostly, though, my Mother’s Day solo outing kicked off my biking season. I’m not a pro. I prefer rugged (single track mtn biking) or semi rugged (crushed limestone) to roadways. I’ve got uncles who easily break the 100-mile mark within a few days. You heard me. Literally: These ex-military are in the thousands range annually, moreso proving themselves by getting out every month of the year. Okay; that’s not me either. I’m not that hard core. Enter my personal goal of achieving 100 miles by the end of the season (probably thru October).

If the kids are into it, I’ll ask and play it lightly. Pushing will detract from the fun. I went online to look for a 100-mile pin of some sort and only came up with decal stickers. Ebay has a few option, either with 100 on it or 200, both sporting a cyclist using the zeroes as wheels. Instead of giving a link which might go defunct, I’ll give you the search words “century ride bike race.” They run in the $2 range including shipping. Sure, sure~ they’re meant for century riders who have attained 100 miles in one day trip. Whatevs. Cumulative will do just as well in my world. Hey, for incentive and the big picture of reaching a goal within a season, who’s going to be picky?

What’s your mode of motion? Get out there, set a goal, and have fun. Collect stories while letting off steam … and perhaps a few pounds. Increase your metabolism and improve your spirits while enjoying the outdoors.


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