Photo Challenge: Order

20170608_163235Organization and a Command.

Order in both forms was found this week at a nearby park.

Natural space was placed in precise and inviting manners. Brick was brought in –even built around the unmoved boulder– and plants placed as aesthetic landscaping. Trails outside the central gathering area also exist, these with an open greenery to enjoy.

Then at the “free play” area, signs in abundance gave directions and limitations. Do this here! Don’t do that in this spot! Allowed, not allowed gave a tone of “Please Have Fun …But Only in That Zone Over There.” Or, “We gave you this area to explore, but only certain parts are really for use. The others are just for looks. Respect it by telling your illiterate or inattentive (or both) kids for us.” Ample signs are posted, after all. It’s almost comical.

Be sure to notice all the obviously-posted signage.


This week’s Order photo challenge “sends chaos packing (neatly)” by telling weeds and kids where to kick it. Both are ordered –in very mild ways, mind you– where to stay out. Weed killer, yes. Fun killer? Maybe for the parents who care about corralling. Otherwise, get past the subtleties and find yourself on a perfectly-placed bench along a planned walkway, among arranged plant life.

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