Guilty: I’m Addicted

I first got a hint it was above an average interest level when I would race home from Saturday morning’s Zumba class. Then I noticed I regularly checked TV Guide’s weekly schedule~ “Have we seen this week’s episode yet or is it new???!!!” Then it actually got written on the calendar and we made plans around it.

I made plans around them.

10:30 & noon! Of course, I didn’t advertise to friends what we were holed up watching. I talked about how cool the shows were and suggested parents + their kids check it out, but I didn’t come out and say, “I go / stay home to watch educational kids’ shows.”

Then I realized it was my own interest (<< cough >> ahem: infatuation) this past Saturday. The kids didn’t watch it. I could previously pawn it off as a family thing or a me & my kids thing. But when I asked if my daughter could hold off from doing a task together so I could watch “Ocean Treks” (as I was galloping down the hall in excitement because I remembered it was momentarily coming on) and neither kid came down to join me, that’s when it hit: I’m addicted. And I was okay with it! I was too busy catching marvelous glimpses of grandeur, hearing fascinating tales, learning obscure facts, and being spellbound in amazement that Jeff Corwin had this as his job. LUCKY! (You have to say that Napoleon Dynamite style.)

This weekend Jeff went to Kotor, Montenegro (never heard of it!), milked a goat, made goat cheese, harvested olives, pressed olives into pulp, and pressed said olive pulp into oil. Then he ate a delicious meal incorporating his labor. He also visited a chapel on a man-made island. The premise is that he’s sailing around the world, stopping to explore the area surrounding port cities. His day of inland adventures becomes the show. How cool is that?!

Before I move on to my other Litton’s Weekend Adventure love, let me just say this. It takes about 15 years for an olive tree to bear olives. Do you know the age a tree is for the best-tasting fruit? 100 years old! If I can recall his comment correctly, “A man doesn’t plant an olive tree for himself. He doesn’t even plant it for his children. He plants it for his grandchildren.”

The reason I didn’t watch “Rock the Park” that morning was because it was a rerun. Yes, I had already checked. And we’ve seen many episodes. Otherwise I would have probably attempted to work it in my schedule, too.

There are six shows included in Litton’s Weekend Adventure programming. We’ve seen our fair share of Sea Rescue (network TV and Netflix streaming) and Wildlife Docs. By far the winners for us are following Jeff Corwin, Jack Steward, and Colton Smith around.


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