Before you go thinking it’s “Mother …” something or other, it stands for Made For Each Other.

For years (many years, folks) I thought my husband and I were decidedly NOT made for each other. It was a divorce [possibly] averted, barely held together by sheer will and goodwill for the kids. Lately, however, we must have hit a stride. We’re checking clothing choices before discovering we picked out the same outfit. We’re reading minds and finishing sentences. We like each other again. We hang out and play games. We’re planning a trip for ourselves and want the same adventure~ maybe we’ll both be happier with whitewater rafting after all instead of mountain biking. Either would be great, but whitewater rafting is a real treat. (Class IV / V, mind you. None of this mamby-pamby Class I or II or III float stuff.)

Then last night I saw something that sealed the deal. Maybe we were made for each other after all. Most likely it was all that grit to not give up finally paying off. We made it work. We made US work.

He was supposed to pick up a child from an outing. He was concerned he might not remember because the two of them were at the same building. He’s normally there; the child is not. He was concerned he might follow his regular routine and leave without the child. Like normal.

He asked for me to give a reminder text when I dropped the said child off at the location. That would be the key to success. Well, to ensure the pickup-as-intended (No child left behind! Plus, it’s a pain to go back! And it’s embarrassing.), I brought a post-it note with me. I wrote it out at home, left it on the pad so it would still be sticky, and placed it in my purse. To ensure it would stick when I resourcefully used my key for the other vehicle and placed it front and center on his steering wheel, I cut off two 3″ strips of Scotch tape and put them on the back of my wallet. This kid was getting home!

When I unlocked the door and got ready to affix the note, I saw a post-it note already heavily taped on the gear shift. He had written himself a reminder note.


We are in each other’s heads. We are tracking with one another for sure.

I stuck and taped the post-it as a joke. It obviously wasn’t as necessary anymore.

He brought the child home.

He & I chuckled and shook our heads.


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