Best Ice Cream Bars Ever!

After a month off of blogging to live a little (and focus on the constant flow of life at hand, giving priority attention to a fast-paced calendar schedule), full days have breathing room again. I’m back!

Earlier this summer I took a trip with family to Holland, Michigan. Along with the bunches of fun places we went, relaxed feel of touristing, and great ways we found to pass three days, this yummy find catapulted itself into our hands. We couldn’t fight the urge to try this tasty treat!

I would imagine since the goods are handmade in Michigan and I haven’t seen the bars reach high popularity, restocking routes likely occur within a smallish radius. –> True: Proven on the website’s distance locator. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of helping expand their distribution.

Back to encouraging you to consume these frozen specialties. Oh my!!! You NEED to check out these incredible flavors! Besides being amazing, they are quite inventive. I bought two mini size bars, and I want to reiterate my blog post title: They were the best ice cream bars I’ve had in my entire life. My choices of Strawberry Lemonade and Belly Full of Hoppiness were mouthfuls of Michigan happiness.

If you spot the trademark decorative / modern ice box, do not hesitate. Jump on the opportunity to indulge.


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