Hand-in-Hand Partners

The more I write, the more literature reminds me of mathematics. The mechanics, the formulas, the system– there are components to count on. However, writing has artistic expression capabilities to enhance, brighten, and be playful. Sometimes the most successful authors are the ones who break the rules.

<< Supporting Point: I’m reminded of Gary Paulsen’s own comments of how surprised he was at the acclaim for Hatchet. I believe I discovered this while listening to the audio version of Guts: The True Stories Behind Hatchet and The Brian Books (I recommend it); Gary gives these comments in the forward. He wrote Hatchet as he felt– how someone in those situations may speak and think. Less complete sentences. More guttural. Survivalesque. The result was a best-seller, and one in which students were quite curious for additional books. >>

While reading Living the Message by Eugene Peterson, I read on the page for January 11 that parable literally means “alongside” (para) “thrown” (bole). This is what Jesus was doing while giving stories– throwing “odd stories down alongside ordinary lives . . . and walk[ing] away without explanation or altar call.”

That got me thinking: How similar are ‘parable’ and ‘parabola’? Google is wonderful for strange searches as such. Enter this helpful website. Three similar terms are used in both mathematics and English. Some people (okay: most people) are not as geeky as me when it comes to these subjects, drawing similarities, and making connections in general. But in case there are those of you out there loving intersections of two distant yet closely-related genres, this post is for you.

Happy Calculating; Happy Writing.

Enjoy your concocting.


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