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Photo Challenge: Elemental

A mostly city-bound week had me wondering how I was going to sneak in this ‘elemental’ photo challenge. When prompted to “explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire” and asked how I “capture something invisible like air, or the movement of water”, it was a bit puzzling. I wanted to be current and spur-of-the-moment instead of pulling something out of my archives. Something unique, responsive, and fitting.

Just after bringing in groceries, just prior to putting water on the stove top for pasta, a summer drizzle-turned-downpour dazzled with sunlight highlights. “I’m going outside to take a picture!” I blurted to the kids. Quickly grabbing my cell and flip flops, I headed under the sheltered canopy of a crab apple tree.


I tried zooming in. Movement of water? Got it!!! Unique indeed.


Then it began raining harder.


Can you hear the camera shutter being pressed over and over  << click, click, click, click >>  to see what random images were captured?

The more I zoomed in, the more the drops resembled glow sticks.


And finally:



Mission: Accomplished!

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