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Photo Challenge: Structure

Ordinary bricks, they are not.

This is not biological, but it is in our DNA. Heart + Material + Messages = An Impromptu Memorial. Anything can be ordinary, but then that ordinary can be transformed into the extraordinary by fans joining en masse.

These bricks @ Wrigley are my structural example of something wonderful. Hopes, dreams shared, dearly beloved who we grew up commingling in fandom– years of waiting made the win bittersweet. Because soon after we found ourselves airborne with high-decibel cheering, we landed and felt the pang of “Ugh. If only                           could have shared in this moment, too.”

We’re human: We take what we have … in this case, accessible, ordinary chalk. We’re Midwesterners: We walk right up to the walls which have blocked us all these decades. We’re optimistic: We came this close before, but this was the year we felt something just might click. We’re hopeful & reminiscent, jubilant and sobered, and loyal through and through.

So this is to the people who waited 108 years and still held out. This is to families and friends and communities which drew a massive gathering to celebrate. This is to ivied walls without a goat reigning. This is to an old-school score board and a new-fangled Park to play catch in (which we did as a family when we brought out own mitts and baseballs).

These aren’t ordinary bricks.

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