Life sure hasn’t gone as expected! I didn’t create a master plan, but my ideas when setting out from high school did not contain all the bumps, set-backs, disappointments, and … fodder for me to jazz it up. I did plan on being adventurous, that’s for sure. As a youngest child, my innate desire to spice things up –to jab and poke about for a response– have come into play. Speaking of ‘play,’ I would go crazy if I didn’t express playful behavior during each stage of my quest. Some people believe you have no time for fun. Personally, if laughter and kookiness isn’t included, it’s about time to insert some pizzazz.

My life is waaaayyyy rare. Few people share the same conglomeration of varied pursuits. Athletic, introverted, love to read. Are you still with me? Not for long.
*Preferred Activities Include: SUP (stand up paddle boarding), Mountain Biking, Downhill & Water Skiing, Snowshoeing, Martial Arts (certified black belt instructor), Climbing, Hiking, and Choreographed Dance to name the [current] top ten. When opportunities come up to camp or canoe or even make a fire (in a real pit; not one of those metal container excuses), you can bet I jump on the chance to get away in the wilderness.

Staying at home was anticipated; then it morphed into homeschooling. I wasn’t surprised since team building / facilitating and outdoor education is a former occupation. Facilitating is still one of my favorite side jobs. The attitude of my husband & I was a casual “we’ll see” when asked how long we expected to stick with it.  (What people really meant was, “How badly will you screw up your kids by not putting them in a real school setting?”) We weren’t nailed down, didn’t feel stalwart about it –no ‘Home School or Bust!’ bumper sticker proudly displayed– and took it year by year. Yesterday I did research on high school curricula.

With that said, please do not peg me as a “Home School Mom.” I am not stereotypical, I try to dispel any notion of the myth that I am conventional, and there are far more words to describe me than that narrow statement. But I thought I’d at least mention it because you might run into posts of the home education nature … and what it affords me.

I’m adventurous in many facets, the biggest of which being life. My brother made a comment when I was in high school that I am ‘high on life’, and the truth of it still fits. I prefer to live life sober~ it’s wild enough when I make it exciting with my own flair.

When I launch from my home-based pad, you can find me about the area giving wellness or self-defense talks, biking, playing in the snow, or chilling at the beach, depending on the season. Otherwise I’m (hopefully) traveling the country or relishing some reading time.

If you’re still reading, you might just be the type of person who is interested in following my quirky, zany journey~ from A to Z in my own manner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My name is Sharon. I live near Chicago and head up to Lake Geneva as a regular retreat spot … but not for touristy reasons. I grew up in Walworth County, spent formative young adult years in the area, and often go back to visit family & friends. Married with children if you haven’t already figured that out by the above bio. 😉