Creating a Culture: Intentionally Kind

Before I lose you in Blah Blah Land, I’ll get straight to the point. We are a closet family of closeness. Other families might roll their eyes or say it’s impossible, but from the get-go, regular sibling bashing and frays haven’t been allowed. One go-to phrase I’ve used is he or she “is a person.… Continue reading Creating a Culture: Intentionally Kind

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Creating a Culture: Active as a Family

My husband and I have taken stances and made cognizant efforts to pull back. The Joneses aren’t bad … I’ve just seen what suburban Joneses have –large houses, large mortgage, fancy cars, fancy car payments, kids in sports, parents constantly at sports– and don’t want it. It’s a turn-off to have my head cut off,… Continue reading Creating a Culture: Active as a Family

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Barnes & Noble Summer Reading

Today’s the day! Beginning today–May 16th– and finishing on September 5th (2017), track your 1st thru 6th Grader’s* reading. The tally is by book and not minutes, making it much simpler of a tracking task. Go to to read instructions and print the log (step #1). Once eight books are completed and written in… Continue reading Barnes & Noble Summer Reading