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Holland Bound: Part 2

When last you saw us, we were about to drive to the beach on Day 1. I wanted a free beach since our afternoon timing was restricted. It was steamy ‘inland’, but in true Lake Michigan fashion, it was cooler by the shore. Couple that with our mere three hours free, clouds, and a breeze,… Continue reading Holland Bound: Part 2

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Photo Challenge: Elemental

A mostly city-bound week had me wondering how I was going to sneak in this ‘elemental’ photo challenge. When prompted to “explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire” and asked how I “capture something invisible like air, or the movement of water”, it was a bit puzzling. I wanted to be current… Continue reading Photo Challenge: Elemental


Hand-in-Hand Partners

The more I write, the more literature reminds me of mathematics. The mechanics, the formulas, the system– there are components to count on. However, writing has artistic expression capabilities to enhance, brighten, and be playful. Sometimes the most successful authors are the ones who break the rules. << Supporting Point: I’m reminded of Gary Paulsen’s… Continue reading Hand-in-Hand Partners