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Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

As the 1st of my 5 Photo Challenge posts I’ll try out just for the month of May, this picture represents “Wanderlust.” As best as I can figure, the coordinates for this location are: 45°17’52.9″N 87°03’38.2″W in Door Bluff County Park. Door County is a popular vacation spot for Chicago area and southern Wisconsin residents.… Continue reading Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


Taking Time to Smell the *For Sale* Flowers

My tulips and daffodils stalled after poking their green shoots. We had warm days early in Feb & March, but they halted partway up, waiting until temps are consistently conducive to their display. As I wait, I’ve begun guessing when Holland’s (Michigan) tulips will brilliantly display themselves. Often, tulips beautifully coincide with Tulip Time dates… Continue reading Taking Time to Smell the *For Sale* Flowers